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Recital Information 2019

Welcome to our recital information hub for 2019.
On this page you will find links to order forms for optional recital items such as tshirts, program messages, business ads, and dvds.

Also on this page you will find links to our recital charts.  These charts are sorted by day of your class.  However when you read the chart, make sure you pay attention to the actual day of your pictures, dress rehearsal and recital.

Also on this page you will find links to several videos.  THESE VIDEOS are of Ms. Traci explaining how the recital process works and how to read the charts.  If this is your first recital with us, we highly recommend taking a couple of minutes to watch these.

Finally, we are always here to answer your questions.  We want your recital experience to be relaxed, fun and successful so any questions you have, please ask.

What Day is Your Class?



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Informational Videos
We know the recital packets are quite detailed.  If you need a reminder of what we talked in about in class then check out
Ms. Traci's informational videos! Many common questions will be answered in both these video and the infographics below.
A step-by-step guide to all the important details!


The Recital Packet

Recital Day00

Dress Rehearsal