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Dance Dynamics, Inc

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Serving the Wake Forest community since 2001.

Miracles in Motion

The Benefits of Dance

Muscle strength
Relationships with peers

Our Mission Statement

To provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere in which students with physical, developmental, and/ or mental disabilities can explore creative movement and dance technique while connecting with peers and other Dance Dynamics students. Our goal is to assist our students in building self-confidence, dance technique, and motor skills in a fun, friendly environment.

Class Description

Classes are
forty-five minutes long
and include:

Brain Dance Warm Up, Ballet, Rhythm, Jazz, Free Dance

Class Times

Friday 5:15-6:00
Ages 5-10 years old

Friday 6:00-6:45
Ages 7 -18 years old

Miracles in Motion, Dancer Application
Miracle in Motion Dancer's Name
Phone Number
Parent Name
Dancer Drop-off Contact
Class Option: Friday at 5:15 (5-10 y.o.) OR Friday at 6:00 (10-18 y.o.)
Please share any information about your child's situation/condition that will help us work with him or her.
Please share any information about ways to work with your child that might help us make the class more successful.
Email Address
The Big Sister Program

Our volunteer Big Sisters are very special members of our studio and we think you'll agree!

Each dancer is paired with a Big Sister from our studio.  
Big Sisters work with the same dancer every week for the entire session or entire year.
The children who volunteer for this special role provide support and friendship
to their little brother or sister throughout the class.  Big Sisters must be dancers with Dance Dynamics.
Become a
Big Sister