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Serving the Wake Forest community since 2001.
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Mini Sessions

Come try out the fun and excitement
of dance with our new mini sessions.  These short sessions are geared for dancers that want to try something but are unsure of a year long commitment.  The mini sessions perform for their families on the last day of the session, but do not require a recital or costume or extra fees.

Ages 5-7 years old
Saturday’s      11:00-12:00am            Ballet & Jazz             
$105 per mini session

February 29 - April 4                                        Spring Fling

This combination class of ballet and jazz for 5-7 year olds is an exciting introduction to dance!  The art and discipline of ballet are still fun and story engaged.  We will learn proper technique and increase our ballet vocabulary but still at an attainable level.  Class is fun yet structured and still imaginative. 
The jazz portion is new to our dancers at this age and we will learn lots of new terms and techniques but we will also keep it fun, exciting, with funky clean music and lots of jumping!  Class attire: leotard, tights, optional skirt, pink ballet shoes.
Ages 3-5 years old
This is a combination ballet and tap class for our dancers ages 3-5 years old.  The primary goal is to foster a love of movement.  This class is meant to be fun and build self-confidence.  This introduction to Ballet technique teaches true Ballet steps in a way this age can master.
The tap portion of class will Instill a love of dance and joy in movement AND NOISE.  We will nurture creative expression and individuality with creative movement activities and rhythm and counting exercises. And last but not least, inspire the dancers to have FUN! 

CLASS ATTIRE:  leotard, tights, optional skirt, tan tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

Thursday’s      4:00-5:00pm    Ballet & Tap               
$105 per mini session

January 9 - February 13                                                    Snow Dancing

February 20 - March 26                                                    Spring Fling

Saturday’s      10:00-11:00am            Ballet & Tap               $105 per mini session

February 29 - April 4                                        Spring Fling

Homeschool ages 6-10 years old

Tuesday’s        2:00-3:00pm                Intro to Dance            

$105 per mini session

An introductory class to allow our dancers to try all kinds of new styles.  We will spend some time over the session learning ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop as well as learning about our bodies, stretching, and strengthening our muscles. 

February 18 - March 24